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WE are different, NO car wash business does it like we do;

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From R70 - You can get your car washed. 

Should it rain within 48hrs after we washed your car, bring it back we will wash it at no fee.

  • Free uncapped WIFI access while you wait
  • Enjoy good coffee and snack
  • FREE Wash after 5 washes, ONLY body wash


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Tired of driving around looking for a car wash?

You want to save petrol and avoid waiting for long at the car wash?

You've got things to do at your house but your car is dirty?

You work in an office, you are more than 4, and you've got a deadline to meet? We offer you a special rate to wash your cars, we come to you!

Your weekend is chaotic but you want to start your day with a clean car. We come to you!

Remember; -We Exist For You-

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Easy Peasy! Dont you think?